Grain Drying and handling Project, Cheshire.

Case Study – Grain Drying & Handling Project, UK

Grain Drying and handling Project, Cheshire.


Chief Industries build & commission a new grain drying plant at a farm in Cheshire, UK.

The customer had just built a new grain store to complement their existing store, and needed a new drying setup to cope with this, and future expansion.
Having looked at a flat bed drying system, it was found the dust created was unacceptable. This is where the Chief continuous flow dryer comes into its own. As well as being clad and insulated for efficiency, it is also very clean. This was one of the deciding factors for the customer.

The area proposed for the new Chief Dryer was limited and Chief worked with the customer to provide the most cost effective solution.

Chief provided all the layout/detail drawings as well as all the foundation drawings necessary to enable a local contractor to prepare the foundations.

The system is designed to be as flexible as possible, with a new above ground intake pit, to hold 2-3 trailers of cereals. To help keep the site as clean as possible, a Chief model CD 60 Aspiration Unit has been integrated into the system before the cereals pass through the dryer to remove the light trash, dust and small grains.
An overflow system is fitted back to the intake pit, and the dry grain can then be transported to either of two grain stores via a series of conveyors, elevators and diverter valves.

The whole system is operated from the main dryer touch screen control panel, with custom made software to run all machinery within the system. An internet connection has also been installed, allowing remote monitoring and control.

Chief Industries supplied and manufactured the dryer, a model CD 4/48 rated at 27 tph input based on grain, which utilises 2x Weishaupt kerosene burners. These burners have the flexibility of being able to run on diesel oil as well, if required.
Chief Industries also manufactured the model CD 60 Aspiration Unit, rated at 60tph based on wheat.
Guttridge Services Ltd, whom Chief have a close relationship with, provided all the necessary mechanical handling equipment for the project. All equipment is rated at 60tph based on wheat, and based on their well known, reliable ‘Carier’ range of equipment.

Chief provided a complete installation service from start to finish, including commissioning and staff training for the new plant