GL Boulden & Sons farm project

GL Boulden & Sons farm some 2,900 acres (1,175 hectares) in the Romney Marsh area of Kent.

A fire destroyed an old curved roof barn leaving the farm with no grain handling or storage.

This left the Boulden’s with no dryer and decreased capacity in a market place which was demanding good quality grain, dried to meet a tight specification, and longer term storage.  A big challenge had come to this family farming business!

A long and detailed process was then undertaken with Ashford Borough council and conservation officers, the parish council and the parochial church council, to produce a scheme which would meet the Boulden's needs and be commensurate with the location adjacent to the church, which is also adjacent to an important grade 1, thousand year old, archaeological site.

With a long established team of Weald Agriculture, Rural Partners, & Chief Industries UK- Simon Kenny negotiated his way through the many demands and requirements of such a site to obtain planning permission for the Boulden’s.

With Chief’s wide range of dryer features & functions, a high performance continuous dryer with sound attenuation and touch screen control technology was shoe horned into the bespoke new barn.

In the following demanding harvests the patience and attention to detail has paid off handsomely, with the installation of a new intake, high capacity dryer and bulk store with in-floor aeration, all within a striking new building, which sits in its special environment very satisfactorily.

There are many aspects to consider when installing new grain drying and storage facilities. Chief has the resources and partners to work through these challenges to arrive at the best solution for all concerned.