Commercial Range - Hopper Bottom Storage Silo

For an exceptional value, Chief commercial hopper tanks are the smart choice!

Hopper tank projectHopper tanks from Chief Agri/Industrial Division offer the same ease of installation and unparalleled strength found in Chief commercial grain bins. Engineered from the highest quality materials, they provide the long term reliability and satisfaction you’ve come to expect from Chief. For wet holding, storage or load-out silos in your grain management system, contact Chief to maximize your storage dollar.

  • The exclusive Chief exterior “W” stiffener is almost twice as strong as the closest competing stiffener.  A plate to plate connecting system fuses the stiffener lengths and positively transfers the weight bearing load down the stiffener column of the silo.
  • Chief commercial hopper tanks utilize a standard painted or optional hot dipped galvanized substructure with welded legs and ring beams. A “Super Structure” is available for use in drive-under  and load out applications.
  • G115 (350 g/m2) galvanized coating is standard on all roof panels, sidewalls and stiffeners for superior corrosion resistance over the G90 (275g/m2) industry standard for grain storage systems.
  • JS500 coating is used on all hardware, providing superior protection when compared to standard zinc coating.
  • Chief's enhanced roof structure features one of the strongest designs in the industry.  The V-rib roof provides standard peak load capacities of 3000 to 7500 lbs. (1360kg to 3401kg.).
  • A 45º bottom hopper cone and a 16" (40.64cm) discharge opening are standard with Chief commercial hopper tanks.
  • Chief hopper tanks are backed by a 5 year limited warranty and one of the strongest names in the industry!

Chief  has been satisfying customers for the past 60 years; why trust your grain management and storage needs to anyone else?

For more information, contact the Chief Industries UK dealer nearest you!

NOTE: Metric ton capacity is based on a density of 56 lbs/bushel (721 Kg/m3).
All capacities are based on a 6% compaction factor unless otherwise noted.

Sizes and Capacities

Model CHT 5 - 15' 6'' (4.7 m) Diameter
Model CHT 6 - 18' 7'' (5.7 m) Diameter
Model CHT 7 - 21' 8'' (6.6 m) Diameter
Model CHT 8 - 24' 9'' (7.5 m) Diameter
Model CHT 9 - 27' 10'' (8.5 m) Diameter
Model CHT 10 - 30' 11'' (9.4 m) Diameter
Model CHT 12 - 37' 1'' (11.3 m) Diameter