Chief Range of Belt & Bucket Elevators

Suitable for all cereals and similar granular products, meals and pellets.

The Chief Range of Commercial Bucket Elevators have capacities ranging from 20 T.P.H. for Agricultural type applications up to 1000 T.P.H. for Commercial and Industrial applications based on dry cereal.

Standard Features:


Manufactured from hot dipped galvanised heavy gauge sheet steel.

The hood is fabricated in special anti-wear steel and built in two parts for easy removal and maintenance. A wear plate and front throat plate are supplied as standard. Belt pulleys are fabricated from heavy gauge steel and convex in shape to help self-centering of the belt., lagged pulleys available at extra cost. Adjustment is provided for the pulley, shaft and bearings assembly.

Standard drive has shaft mounted gearbox with internal backstop and can be handed left or right to the elevator head depending on customer requirements.

Outlet adaptors and vertical explosion vents can be supplied as required.


Also manufactured from hot dipped galvanised heavy gauge sheet steel. The boot includes two large clean-out hatches. Belt adjustment is achieved by external screw tensioned slides, gravity tension available at additional cost. The standard inlet hopper fitted to the up leg is at either 45 0 or 55 0, with optional second inlet on the down leg, and is fitted with abrasion resistant liner. Caged pulleys can be supplied at additional cost.

Leg Casing

Bolted construction, manufactured from heavy gauge hot dipped galvanised sheet steel. Each length is bolted together using a spacer for easy alignment and erection, and also provides greater rigidity. An inspection door is included with the elevator and can be open on two sides allowing easy access for maintenance etc. Aspiration points can be fitted at additional cost.


The standard buckets are manufactured from pressed steel and specially designed to guarantee high capacity and total emptying of the product. As an option the Chief range of Elevators can be fitted with buckets manufactured from high-density polyethylene or stainless steel, depending on customer requirements and product to be handled.


The standard belt supplied is a weatherproof oil-resistant belt, suitable for most cereals and oily seeds and fitted with a bar clamp for site joining. Special food quality belts can be supplied depending on customer requirements and product to be handled.



Rotation Detector

This system is mounted on the elevators boot. In the event of the belt slipping or breaking, the change in speed is signalled by a sensor which automatically shuts the elevator down. ATEX specification available at extra cost.

Belt Alignment System

Comprises of four belt alignment sensors - two on the head of the elevator and two on the boot of the elevator. Each consists of an anti-wear disc, support with spring and a microswitch. If the belt becomes mis-aligned, it comes into contact with the anti-wear disc, which activates the microswitch, shutting the elevator down. This is a very simple and reliable system which also prevents the risk of contact between the buckets and the metal casing.