Chain and Flight Conveyors

Chief horizontal conveyors offer maximum flexibility!

Chief offers chain and flight conveyors with capacities ranging from 40 T.P.H. for agricultural applications duties up to 600 T.P.H. for Commercial and Industrial applications based on dry cereals.

Suitable for all cereals and similar granular products, meals and pellets.

Drive End

The drive end is manufactured from hot dipped galvanised sheet steel and reinforced to provide an extremely robust construction. Inner spacing bars ensure rigidity. To ensure chain cleaning and to prevent dragging of the product beyond the final outlet, the drive end is fitted with a cleaning system made of a high density polizene scraper (except for the 320 series). This system is coupled with a scraper for the cleaning of the drive sprocket, when a drop forged scraper chain is used. These devices ensure reliable operation of the machine and efficient conveying of the product.

Tail End

The Tail end is built with hot dipped galvanised shaped sheet steel and strengthened with plates to provide an extremely robust structure. Inner spacing bars ensure notable resistance to the working stress of the machine. The tail end is supplied with a chain tensioning system made with two slides supporting the shaft and return gear. Adjustment is made by two screw turnbuckles.

Capacity Choke Protection

In case of clogging, the product lifts two blades connected to a cam. This cam activates a microswitch which stops the conveyor. This system also prevents access to the machine head while the conveyor is operating.


The Chief Chain Conveyors come as standard with 3 phase 380/420 volt 50hz direct coupled geared motor drive (15.0kW drives and over require soft start facility) but can also be supplied with a transmission. The motor can be handed either to the left or to the right for flexible installation.


The casing is of hot dipped galvanised and available in lengths of 0.5m to the maximum of 3.0m. The whole range can also be supplied with angled casings up to 150. Casings are available in the following forms:


Outlet Slides

Available as in-line or transverse type depending on application, with either hand operated, geared motor unit, or electro-pneumatic operation, complete with limit switches.

Inlet Hoppers

A range of Inlet options are available including single/double side inlets and metered inlets depending on application.

Outlet Hoppers

A range of square and round outlet options are available depending on application.

Rotation Sensors

Rotation Sensors come complete with IP67 rated proximity switch.

Other accessories available:

  • Level Sensors
  • • Cupped flights for recycling
  • • Brush for intermediate outlets
  • • Food quality polyethelene bases.