Chief CD Continuous Mixed Flow Grain Dryer

Chief continuous flow grain dryerContinuous mixed-flow grain dryers for optimal drying performance

  • Custom-designed to your unique needs
  • Efficient, reliable commodity drying throughout the world
  • Easy to install and maintain

Used around the world!

Standard dryer capacities for standard feed wheat range from 9 - 326tph, however Chief Dryers are used for a wide variety of commodities including:

  • Corn/ Maize
  • Soybean
  • Rapeseed
  • Feed Wheat
  • Seed Wheat
  • Milling Wheat
  • Sorghum/Milo
  • Beans
  • Sunflower
  • Peas
  • Rice/Paddy
  • Coffee
  • Coco
  • Linseed

Please contact Chief UK for sizing of dryers.

The requirements of your dryer will be carefully assessed, assuring proper operation regardless of most environmental conditions, including extreme climates.

Chief continuous flow grain dryer with claddingConsistent uniform airflow

Chief Dryers assure even temperature and airflow for optimum drying results.

Built for years of continuous use

Chief Dryers are constructed of high quality steel, and includes exterior covered in PVC coated cladding to add many years of dependable service. All components are engineered for maximum longevity.

Touch screen operation

Our standard Schneider touch screen PLC control panels offer maximum visualisation with multi-lingual display.

reduced maintenance grain dryer Easy installation

Chief Dryers are supplied in complete kit form and preassembled modular sections and feature completely bolted construction.

Reduced maintenance

The Chief Dryer requires minimal cleaning and maintenance resulting from its ‘'clean'’ design inside and out.

Environmentally considerate

Our team of dryer experts will carefully consider the environmental concerns of your specific locality, including the height, noise reduction, dust reduction, colour and/or air quality requirements.

chief grain dryer panelControl Panel

  • Schneider touch screen PLC as standard
  • Schneider visual control equipment
  • Maximum visualisation
  • Multi-lingual


  • 300mm premium screen
  • Internet connection via app
  • Remote monitoring
  • Control of complete grain facility
  • Direct moisture monitoring and control

Chief dryer modular constructionInstallation

  • All bolted construction
  • CAD build drawings for each dryer
  • Solidworks 3D illustrated installation instructions

chief dryer claddingCladding

chief dryer burnersBurners

  • Fully modulating gas burners including gas trains
  • Staged oil burners
  • Multi fuel burners

Optional heat sources 

  • Steam
  • Hot water
  • Indirect firing

Chief dryer Side mount fanChief dryer Vertical FanFans

  • Standard high efficiency axial fans
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Standard silencing to 85DBA @ 1.0'
  • Additional silencing available

Chief Dryer Heat recoveryOptions:

  • Variable speed
  • Dust collection fans
  • Powered weather covers


Chief Dryer pnuematic DischargeDischarge

  • Full width pneumatic pulse action
  • Includes compressor as standard

Chief Dryer Standard featuresStandard Dryer Features:

1. Cladding

2. Burners

3. Combustion Chamber

4. Fans

5. Discharge


Additional optional features to above specifications:

  • Additional silencing to meet local regulations.
  • Differing outlet height
  • Variable speed fans
  • Evacuation doors
  • Fire detection & suppression system
  • Dust suppression systems
  • Indirect firing
  • Burner safety cage
  • Cable loom dryer to control panel
  • Spare part packages
  • Horizontal fans
  • Powered weather covers
  • Powered air volume control
  • Powered/ mechanical cooling doors
  • Larger 300mm touch screen
  • SCADA PC based control
  • Ancillary equipment control
  • Split columns
  • Internal platforms
  • Remote control
  • Auto moisture control & monitoring