The screen cleaner is the fruit of the knowledge and experience of Denis in this field. Robust, compact and reliable, they combine efficiency with ease of use and benefit from  innovations that considerably increase performance and flexibility of use. Settings and access are favoured through ergonomically designed features.


The NSD Range has the following attributes:

Efficient scalping/sorting through enchanced modularity.
Thanks to identical and interchangeable screens (dimensions 0,80 x 1,00 m) the
operator has a wide choice of perforations for each chosen type of work to be done.

Dust removal performed by a double aspiration system.

• Setting at the entry possible by way of a counterweight flap.
• Outlet precision due to its long aspiration chimney.
• Setting controls that ensure a good and balanced aspiration.
• Effective double grain fall, avoiding crushing and unwanted air entry.

Strong cleaning properties from a highly efficient auto cleaning rubber ball system.

System does not need setting nor maintenance and is particularly efficient due
to the good distribution of balls in all the cases.


NSD2 Cleaner Separator

The design of the DENIS separator NSD2 has been reviewed and ergonomically optimised to better suit working conditions.

The main improvements are:

  • Upper casing featuring gas spring openings for improved maintenance purposes
  • Perspex window for grain and screen montoring
  • Extra storage space for housing screens and adapted tool kits
  • Doors on casing to access screen waste
  • Waste outputs on same level

The benefits are:

  • Deblinding system - efficient boxed rubber ball cleaning system, with ample distribution of balls, requiring no maintenance or adjustment.
  • A standard double aspiration
  • Increased flexibility