Grain Cleaning Systems

Grain Cleaning suitable for an extensive range of crops.

Chief Industries UK Ltd can supply a whole range of grain cleaners.The simplest and cheapest of these are the aspiration cleaners that remove dust and light trash, but do not have any size separation. Drum cleaners provide an inexpensive size separation of grain through rotating screens and can be provided, with or without aspiration cleaning. Capacities with this type of cleaner can range from a few tons per hour up to 400tph and are frequently preferred for pre-cleaning grain before drying and entry into a grain store.   

Also available are a range of reciprocating screen cleaners using flat screen decks vibrating forwards and backwards, again with the possibility to incorporate aspiration cleaning in the same cleaner.

  • Marot Rotary Cleaner
    Marot Rotary Drum Cleaner
    Grain Cleaning suitable for an extensive range of crops including: Wheat, Barley, Maize, Oil seed rape, Rice, Soya, Coffee, Cocoa.
    DENIS NSD Range
    The screen cleaner are the fruit of the knowledge and experience of Denis in this field.