Ventilation – Level Floor

Ventilation – Level Floor


The Chief level floor aeration range offers an extremely easy to install, cost effective and efficient way to aerate your silo. Using trenches formed into the silo base, the aeration grids come in 1m long modules, allowing them to be easily slotted into place. Also suitable for new and existing floor stores.


Types of Floor Aeration Grids


  • 1m sections

  • 11% Open Area

  • 14 Tonne axle pressure


  • 1m sections

  • 2mm diameter holes (17% Open Area)

  • 1.5mm diameter holes (11% Open Area)

  • 10 Tonne axle pressure

 Both types offer maximum airflow and even air distribution.
 Slotted grids suitable for grain and vegetables.
 Perforated grids (1.5mm diameter holes) also suitable for rapeseed.


Chief level floor aeration also suitable for new
and existing floor stores, offering the
following advantages:

  • Easy emptying

  • Easy cleaning

  • Drive-over floor, withstanding 14 tonnes of axle pressure

  • Made from specially treated aluminium-zinc sheeting with a long service life.