Temperature Monitoring & Control Systems

Complete your grain management system!

  • Suspended from silo roof

  • Replaceable sensor cable, even when silo is full

  • Reinforced outer sheath to protect sensor cable


Types of Monitoring

Portable & Tablet Controlled:

  • Portable unit - small, attaches directly to each silo

  • Tablet Controlled - software downloaded to tablet, connects to each silo via Bluetooth

  • Convenient for smaller silo installation


  • Central control panel, consisting of numeric keypad and screen to control all silo probes on multiple silos.

  • Advisable for medium silo installation


  • Windows PC controlled, easy to operate

  • Full control/monitoring for any number of silos & sensors

  • Enable/disable individual sensors

  • Graphical interface built-in

  • Print reports, export data to file

  • Automatic Ventilation control (optional)