Grain Augers

General Purpose & High Lift Augers


Chief Industries UK Limited general purpose range of augers are manufactured in unit construction making them extremely versatile. Output capacities up to 100 T.P.H. The Chief High Lift range of augers are easily adjusted by means of an adjustable winch handle, or together with an optional hydraulic arrangement.


Agricultural Unloading Auguers & Carry-In Type Sweep Augers 

Chief Industries UK Limited Carry-In type sweep augers and unloading augers are designed for lighter duty applications. Capacities up to 100 T.P.H. and covers up to model CIE 17 (15.15m) diameter silos.

Combi - Sweep Augers

Chief Industries UK Limited ‘Combi – Sweep’ augers enables silo emptying without the need for external wiring. The motor is fitted to an external (detachable) power head, which through a clutch system, is used to drive either the sweep or discharge auger. Capacities up to 90 T.P.H. and covers up to model CIE 17 (15.15m) diameter silos.

Commercial Duty Unloading Systems

Chief Industries UK Limited Commercial duty sweep auger system comprises: Reduction drives, sectional sweep flight & shield, bumper bars, sweep carriers & ratchet drive end wheel.

The unloading auger comprises: heavy duty centre & intermediate sumps, with slide gate on rollers, discharge auger with flange, control rods with gate control, power head with 3ph motor drive & outlet spout. Capacities up to 120 T.P.H. and covers up to 28m diameter silos.