CBCE Range - Flat Bottom Storage Silo

All roof panels are superior galvanised steel and guaranteed up to 20 years!

Grain silo with exposed roof panelsRoof panels are of Aluzince AZ 185 and feature an interlocking "J" rib design for outstanding strength and reduced assembly time. Coloured polyester coating available on request.

With its 30° pitch, our new roof comes standard with high peak load capacities and is designed to support the additional loads imposed by conveyors, temperature cables or heavier snow loads for your geographic location. In addition, its design meets the anti-explosion criteria.

Additional roof vents may be added depending on aeration requirements.

Sidewall Sheets

sidewalls with connection stiffenersThe 1077 mm sidewall height requires significantly fewer rings, seams and connection stiffeners. When combined with our exclusive "W" stiffener, bins offer unsurpassed strength while reducing costly assembly time.

The corrugated steel sidewalls are created from high quality steel grade S350GD + Z according to EN 10326, Sendzimir galvanizing Z 450 ensures greater corrosion resistance and a longer life. Sidewall sheets are laminated together to provide greater strength on larger bins.

The 120 X 11 mm profile of the shallow form corrugated sheets is wider than that of our closest competitor, thus minimizing the buid-up of residual grain on the silo wall during unloading.

 The exclusive exterior “W” stiffener is stronger than the closest competing stiffener. Designed to support the vertical load, the unique “W” staggered stiffener system provides supplemental strength and fully supports overhead catwalks and conveyors.

Hot-dip: steel grade 8.8, integrated seal washers.

Safety & Catwalks

Open galvanized catwalks for conveyors up to 300 t/h are offered as standard.

Walkways with gratings - 19 mm open area.

Safety aluminium ladders with galvanized safety hoops, rest platforms with safety handrails, complying with EN ISO 14122.

Eaves platform for access to the roof inspection hatch.

Consisting of internal reinforced door to support grain loads and weatherproof external door.


Sizes and Capacities

Models CBCE 500 - 4.71m Diameter
Models CBCE 600 - 5.65m Diameter
Models CBCE 700 - 6.60m Diameter
Models CBCE 800 - 7.54m Diameter
Models CBCE 900 - 8.48m Diameter
Models CBCE 1000 - 9.42m Diameter
Models CBCE 1100 - 10.36m Diameter
Models CBCE 1200 - 11.31m Diameter
Models CBCE 1300 - 12.25m Diameter
Models CBCE 1400 - 13.19m Diameter
Models CBCE 1600 - 15.08m Diameter
Models CBCE 1800 - 16.96m Diameter
Models CBCE 2000 - 18.84m Diameter
Models CBCE 2200 - 20.73m Diameter
Models CBCE 2400 - 22.61m Diameter
Models CBCE 2600 - 24.50m Diameter
Models CBCE 3000 - 28.27m Diameter