CIE - Flat Bottom Storage Silo

Cost effective storage for cereals throughout the world!CIE Silo

 The European manufactured CIE Flat Bottom Storage Silos from Chief UK are designed to meet the requirements of DIN 1055 providing a cost effective solution for the storage of a wide range of cereals throughout the world. Chief offers the complete solution to your storage, handling, ventilation, drying and cleaning requirements.

Standard Features

Model 8-27 CIE silos feature a galvanised steel support frame and incorporate a roof inspection hatch as standard. Special Polyester Coated roof available at extra cost. Up to Model 10 CIE silos feature a ribbed roof.

Shallow form (119mm pitch) corrugated sidewall sheets are manufactured from high quality galvanized 450 grammes/m² (including both sides) minimum spangle steel. Fixings incorporate a formed bolt head. 

Single ring access doors, 1 supplied as standard, incorporate hot dipped galvanised steel frame. Various designs to suit specific silo heights are available. 

External galvanised stiffeners/anchors are supplied in a variety of specifications dependant upon the silo diameter and height, stiffeners are joined by formed fishplates.


Various width catwalks, access ladders and rest platforms designed and manufactured to European Standards. 

Note: The cylindrical barrel is designed for storage of free folowing granular material with a maximum density based on maize at 900kg/m², friction angle of 30 degrees and angle of repose of 28 degrees, and on barley a density of 825 kg/m², friction angle of 27 degrees, according to DIN1055.
Sidewall: High quality European steel Fe E350G (350N/mm²) with standard galvanised finish of 450 grammes/m², G140 (incl. both sides).
Roof: As standard manufactured from Aluzince AZ185, also available with Polyester Coated brown finish.
Stiffeners/Anchors: High quality European steel Fe E350G (350N/mm²) with a standard galvanising finish of 350 grammes/m², G115, or in the case of welded anchors, hot dipped galvanised.
Fixings: Type 6/8 or 8/8, Z20 with seal washer.
Useful (pitch) length of wall sheet: 2.8 metres
Useful (pitch) height of wall sheet: 0.838 metres
Roof angle: 25°

Sizes and Capacities

Models CIE 4 - 3.57m Diameter
Models CIE 5 - 4.46m Diameter
Models CIE 6 - 5.35m Diameter
Models CIE 7 - 6.24m Diameter
Models CIE 8 - 7.13m Diameter
Models CIE 9 - 8.02m Diameter
Models CIE 10 - 8.91m Diameter
Models CIE 11 - 9.80m Diameter
Models CIE 12 - 10.70m Diameter
Models CIE 13 - 11.59m Diameter
Models CIE 14 - 12.48m Diameter
Models CIE 15 - 13.37m Diameter
Models CIE 16 - 14.26m Diameter
Models CIE 17 - 15.15m Diameter
Models CIE 18 - 16.04m Diameter
Models CIE 20 - 17.83m Diameter
Models CIE 22 - 19.61m Diameter
Models CIE 24 - 21.39m Diameter
Models CIE 27 - 24.06m Diameter