Storing Grain In The Best Way

Chief Industries has over 60 years’ experience in grain handling systems;

Incorporating state-of-the-art design and manufacturing; supplying flat floor silos with capacities ranging from 30 to 30,000 tons; hopper bins with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 1,400 tons; and grain dryers capable of drying from 9 to over 300 tons per hour. Projects range from small to large farm installations, millers, livestock producers, large government and commercial strategic storage plants. By designing complexes of a number of silos the grain storage and drying possibilities are infinite.

The benefits of storing grain in a controlled environment should not be underestimated. The practice of storing grain in bags or on-floor may seem an economical solution in the short term but in the long term it inevitably leads to large losses through rodent and insect infestation, water ingress etc. Losses of 20% of a crop are not unusual in these circumstances. The installation of storage silos, with the optional addition of cleaning and drying, may seem an expensive investment. However, if the cost is amortised over (30 years) then the savings made through proper control of the grain under optimal conditions and the substantially reduced losses taken into account demonstrating what a worthwhile investment it is.

In addition to the savings on quality and losses, having properly controlled grain safely stored allows for far greater control of the potential income yield from the product. Instead of selling ‘straight from the field’ when prices are often at their worst, sales can be timed Storing grain in a controlled environment should not be underestimated for when prices are good. For Chief, the farmer who wants one small silo is just as important as the customer who wants a large port installation, and the same care is taken over design and installation.

Manufactured from high quality galvanized steel, Chief’s storage installations last for many decades and are the most economical and safest way of storing and preserving the quality of grain. With a team of dedicated personnel and considerable experience in Africa, Chief UK can provide top quality solutions, whatever the requirements in grain storage and quality.