Dryer Tips for Harvest


Grain drying is an essential part of the grain management process that needs to be considered pre and post-harvest. Due to the steady drop in corn prices over the last few years, many have held onto their grain in hopes to find a better profit in the future. Maintaining the moisture and the temperature of the grain as it is stored can heavily impact the length of time the grain can be stored, and its overall condition.

Since Chief is in the business of manufacturing quality grain dryers we asked our dryer specialists to share their “Top 5 Dryer Tips for Harvest”.


It’s imperative that your dryer is cleaned inside and out.  Make sure all grain columns and air ducts are clear from last season’s foreign material that may have collected during the emptying process.  Also, the discharge system must be clear of foreign material and rotating freely.  If you have a Maxon line burner, it will need to be cleaned out and check that the burner holes are clear. 


Ensure there is ample fuel supply prior to harvest season.

Make sure all fill switches, temp sensors, starters, relays, modulating valves, etc. are working properly to avoid a delay in operation during drying season. 


Prior to harvest start your dryer to make sure it is runs properly.  Look for proper flame color and pattern, and if fans and all moving parts are functioning correctly.


There are a few safety features that you will want to check before your harvest operations are in full swing. Purging at start up, high temp limit switches, chain break sensors, and air prove switch are the main features you will need to check regularly.